Interswitch Website gets Hacked

The website of a Nigerian electronic transaction switching and payment processing company Interswitch, was hacked in what we assume was the early hours of this morning the 21st of April by a group called Tiger.M@te (#Bangladeshi Hackers).

A hacker in this case is  one who uses a computer to gain unauthorized access to data. And this is a problem because Interswitch manages the payment processes of companies including banks in Nigeria where our bank details example Credit cards, Debit Cards etc. are protectively stored to avoid it getting into the hands of people like these.

According to Techloy who contacted Interswitch directly, we have been assured that customer’s details have not been compromised in this attempt to sabotage the Interswitch system; they also mentioned that the security details of customers are not stored on the Interswitch website which was hacked but instead are store in the banks.

The website is currently up and running as off 11.00am; hopefully it stays that way.



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