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After the successful release of Kid Marley’s Days B4 Denim EP, on which he was an Executive Producer, 3rty has announced that he is set to release his own EP titled Magic.

Here’s what he has to say;

“Hello, I’m 3rty and I’m an Afro Soul.

I have lived a long life partly through my eyes and the people that I’ve met, heard of, read about and imagined.

I’m a big fan of experiencing things and I’ve put myself in their shoes, played their roles and become them and I have a lot of stories to tell you.

I happen to be a musician and I have told some of these stories in the form of songs and compiled them in an EP called MAGIC.

But I need a favor from you; I need you to open your mind. I need you to not allow your experiences, your previous ideas, knowledge and judgments to block your view.

Who knows, your perspective may just change and you may gain a new experience just like I did.

Before you can successfully open your mind you have to lose your inhibitions and bare your soul because it’s your soul I want to speak to. And I’ve written my plea in form of a love song.

Imagine that. My love song to you.”

Welcome to the Year of #Magic

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