$2bn Arms Deal: Trial of Goodluck Jonathan is Inevitable – Senator

As the investigation into he $2bn arms procurement deal intensifies, a lawmaker has stressed that immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan cannot escape the ongoing probe.

A second republic senator, Pa Ayo Fasanmi, has said the trial of former president Goodluck Jonathan for corruption charges is a matter of time.

“I believe God has sent him (Buhari) to clean the country,” Fasanmi said.

He expressed his opinion speaking with The Punch correspondent on Tuesday, January 19.

The politician said: “What comes round, goes around. Nigerians should be patient with President Muhammadu Buhari. The trial of the former president is bound to happen. How can you have security chiefs under your watch being indicted for corruption charges and you won’t have to be quizzed too?

“President Buhari is only taking his time. It is only a matter of time. It is unfortunate that Nigeria is now being referred to as the Federal Republic of Corruption. The security chiefs couldn’t have acted alone,” he said.

According to legislator, Buhari is on a silent revolution and needs the support of every right-thinking Nigerian to succeed.

Fasanmi, who represented Ondo-North federal constituency in the House of Representatives in 1983, described corruption as one of the greatest challenges confronting Nigeria and noted that the problem had taken frightening dimension.

“Buhari is sent by God. He contested repeatedly and failed to clinch the presidency. But he didn’t relent. I believe God has sent him to clean the country. At the end of the day, everybody will be happy,” he concluded.



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