7 Ways to Get a Woman Without Spending Much Money

These are proven ways of winning the hearts of a woman in a cost-effective way rather than plunging oneself into huge debts for romance.

Contrary to the belief that a fortune has to be spent before a man could get a lady into his bed, there are some tips that would help the man arrive at the same destination without taking the money route. Dealing with women requires wisdom and goes beyond making an impression with wealth.

Not every woman would jump into a man’s bed because he displays affluence; not everyone is swayed by material wealth or things considered vain.

It would be of great benefits for men to know there are other things that could be done to sweep a woman off her feet and into your arms.

To start with, every woman has a soft spot; perhaps a magic button that casts a s*xy spell on her when pushed. The right attitude most times clears the path and makes things easier.

Find below some tips that could get a woman into your bed without necessarily spending much:

1. Mannerism

Women love it when men act courteously towards them. Men who exhibit simple gentlemanly behaviors find it easy to make butterflies flurry in these women’s stomachs or send them into frenzy. Women find themselves falling for men who seem to appreciate them and deflect the right emotion towards them. Some women simply want attention; finding a man who gives them attention in a civilized manner could make them jump into his bed.

2. The Right Words

Ever wondered why many people (especially women) listen to old blues and lyrics of artistes like Phil Collins, Tracy Chapman and others? It’s simply because their words convey emotions with deep roots. Words have a way of getting to people, they cause you to think deeply or awaken a sensation within you. Love letters in the past were written using many of these musical lines and they give the recipient a beautiful feeling. Women are moved by words and emotions. Saying the right words to them at the right time would help you land them in your bed faster than anticipated.

3. Being Romantic

After getting a woman to like you and the friendship kicks off, another thing that makes the bedroom journey quicker is being a romantic. Most women love it when men are all over them. Study the body language of these women; read the signs and learn when to stop. Some women love to flirt too; while being romantic, be cautious so you don’t suggest you are all about the sex. Women love men who are reasonable and have control over their feelings. With all these done, it wouldn’t be long before you have them in your bed.

4. Set The Mood

Most women still enjoy being pampered by men. A simple dinner with soft music, exotic dish, wine and flowers would make a beautiful scene. Naturally, some women would be on the defensive considering the set-up but having a light or non-personal conversation would ease up the tension. If you are a smooth talker, you may make an interesting company while the wine gets you both feeling light headed and charged with Dutch courage.

5. Know What Works For A Woman

Some women are touchy; they get turned on by touches and caresses. In this situation, your hands would take charge and do the magic for you. While playing, you may discover the sensitive spots on her body and that becomes her weakness. During making out sessions, touch these parts and she wouldn’t be able to resist you.

6. Patience

These days, almost every girl is conscious of being used and dumped. Women are quick to assume that men basically want to sleep with them and go. Having this at the back of their minds may make your charms seem ineffective. Try not to be pushy or ruffled when things don’t happen at the time they are expected to. Remain calm and sweet and the ladies’ walls of defense would eventually cave in. it could be their own way of testing you.

7. Make Her Friends Your Friends

Another awesome way of getting to a woman is by making her friends your friends; be nice to them. Remember they chit-chat about almost everything and they have heard about you from the very first moment you both met. Their opinion of you probably made her hang out with you a second time. If her friends don’t like you, they may probably discourage her and you may never get to see her pants.



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