New Music: Seyi Solagbade – Pagidari

Seyi Solagbade with a new fusion called PALONGO, tight musical outfit called “blackface” has succeeded in creating a brand of Afro beat that is different from Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Seyi has attracted rave reviews and comments from entertainment writers, the art community and the youths as one of the most unique to arrive the scene in recent times. A young and gradually rising star. Seyi a powerful singer and multy instrumentalist. He writes his own songs with the professional arrangements that possess the harmonic progressions of a world class artist. Seyi Solagbade who cut a combination of the rough aero-smithian rock character with the smooth and romantic mien of a balladeer.The critics say of him “seyi is mean and soft”, “tough and smooth”, non-descript and the fulturistic African Nigerian Artiste with over 25years experience as a professional musician.There is so much authenticity to show for it.He has four album to his credit, (first album title:- MATUWO, (2) black face,(3) No king as God and the latest Album “Dance with me” an inspirational albums.And he as perform far and wide both home and abroad. He claims on the public’s affection with his kind of music, blending Hi-life, Juju, Jazz and other varied forms of world music. Palongo (Afro beat) is energetic and lively especially in life performances with heavy percussive idioms presented under free style wind and string instrumentation in style of rock and funk.This is blended with the structure chord progression style of Jazz. Seyi Solagbade band (Black Face) is a 9 piece band, a combination of horns, rhythm section, percussionist and a back up vocal/dancer.Come and enjoy the richness in African music.



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