Young Entrepreneur Expands Into Africa


To mark her tenth year in business, Durban-born entrepreneur, actress and fashion week director, Yarisha Rajcomar-Panday, has her sights set on several expansion plans into Africa. The dynamic 31 year old is the founder, visionary and director of South Africa Bridal Fashion Week, which is the first and only one of it’s kind multi-cultural fashion week.

SA Bridal Fashion Week launched in 2014 across South Africa, at locations in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg and has become the benchmark for bridal fashion through the participation of local and international fashion designers in an industry event. Previously bridal fashion weeks had only taken place in New York andIndia, so for the first time on the African continent, SA Bridal Fashion Week created a showcase to encapsulate the best of South African designers and also featured special contributions from International designers and brands from countries such as Spain, USA, Ghana, Kenya and India. To add to the blend of cultures, Yarisha had sourced some top African designers such as David Tlale, Pistis, Liz Ogumbo and Sun Goddess to showcase across the country.

Due to the success and international interest received from SA Bridal Fashion Week, Yarisha Rajcomar-Panday, has decided to embark on creating Africa Bridal Fashion Week. Africa BridalFashion Week is set to take place in targeted countries within Africa, and will be the largest fashion week in the world. It is a much anticipated gathering of bridal designers, brands and industry professionals with showcases to buyers in an industry event that will benefit the bridal industry in Africa. “I am looking forward to expanding bridal fashion week into Africa, I have previously showcased, promoted and marketed designers whom I have sourced and hand-picked from Africa for our events across South Africa and feel that the time has arrived to shine more light on the creative designers in Africa and to have the shows live in other parts of African soil,” said Rajcomar-Panday, founder and President of the creative company, Imagination Unlimited Group.

Yarisha qualified with honors in Bachelor of Business Science from KwaZulu Natal and started her business in the creative industry due to her passion for performing. Through her shows, she manages to blend her expertise in business with her experience in the performance industry, to produce fashion shows like no other, with a blend of live performances, industry offerings and fashion collections to captivate her audiences. This unique approach to marketing the fashion industry has led to designers launching sales streams for their designs and being able to build their business in the fashion industry.


Africa Bridal Fashion Week, will showcase the best in traditional African ethnic wear as well as a blend of western and eastern collections, with designers from North, East, Central, West and Southern Africa along with other international designers and brands from USA, India and Europe. For the first time, African brides getting ready to tie the knot will be able to choose styles and dresses from acclaimed fashion designers and brand houses without needing to travel out of Africa or being forced to shop online with the risk of being misled by fraudulent websites claiming to sell designer garments.

Fashion is important in any culture however when it comes to bridal creations the majesty of the garments and distinguished silhouettes through their sheer elegance and pageantry is in great demand, and the virtuoso entrepreneur is determined to service this market. The event is set to transform the bridal scene on the African continent in a way like no other, offering attendees a chance to experience the art of bridal fashion while gaining insight into the latest trends that bridal buyers from regions such as USA, Europe, Australia and Asia are accustomed to.



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