Davido Brags About Receiving N10million Cheque [Photo]

Davido  posted a picture of a N10 Million Cheque he received on his Twitter page on the 23rd of April 2012. He referred to it as “lil Change“. This action received mixed feelings from his fans who felt the 19 year old was being a bit too cocky with his fame and fortune. Davido yesterday the 24th of April 2012, recalled his initial tweet and has issued an apology tweet to address his actions.

It cannot be denied that the 19 year’s rise to fame in the Nigerian Music Industry in less than a year is still a record to beat.  It’s good to know that Nigerian Artists can still hold there own and make money in this Nigerian adulterated system of piracy. Here are tweets from Davido with a picture of his N10 Million Cheque



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3 Responses to "Davido Brags About Receiving N10million Cheque [Photo]"

  1. Adegorite Rahmon Ceo says:

    kip it up david…nd no mind snitchs.


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