Video: D’banj was a 419er – JJC (Skillz)

JJC (Skillz) has responded to Dbanj’s allegations that he cheated Don Jazzy while both of them were with JJC & 419 calling the “Koko master” a 419er (a name for fraudsters which was coined from section 419 of the Nigeria constitution dealing with laws on advance fee fraud and related matter). Skillz disclosed this in an interview with Nigezie stating that he was the brain behind the careers of both Dbanj and Don Jazzy.

He said the reason why the JJC and the 419 Squad wrote the ‘mobolowo’ was because at that time Dbanj “was running from the police.” Watch the video…. Hmmmm… God knows what next we’d hear. Can they just stop this already



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  1. Obiejesi kingsley u says:

    Pls 2 of u shold make piece pls we ar not happy


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