Top 7 Most Beautiful Female Celebrities In Nigeria

There is no doubt we have beautiful ladies in this part of the world. Nigerians are blessed with black beauties and brains. There are some celebrities that just leave you breathless each time you see their pictures.

Most of these beautiful women are attractive with or without makeup on. They are not just physically attractive but smart.

This is a list of some out of many beautiful female celebrities we have in Nigeria.



This actress is one of the famous in the movie industry. She is an ambassador for many big brands and a sought after. Genevieve is an A- list actress and she has the sleekest face ever. Her look makes you think she is a teen. She is just so adorable and ageless.



It wouldn’t be a complete list if we fail to include this cutie. Aside the fact that she is beautiful, she has a good heart too. She is a lover of God anytime. Adesuwa made waves when she acted her first movie’ ’Knocking on Heaven’s door’’. She has this innocent look and charming smile. She is mentally smart. She plays her role very well in movies.



This is another adorable female celebrity. Simi has an outstanding voice and that is one major reason she gets featured by many artistes. Simi has a striking resemblance with Genevieve. Her smile alone is appealing.



Eva is a rapper and a song writer. She does makeup too and truth is, she is very good at what she does. Eva is a graduate of Bowen University; she studies C.I.T. The way she looks is amazing and no doubt she is beautiful.



She is an actress, a movie director and also a model. Stephanie is a sophisticated actress and also an A-list one. She has featured in so many movies.



Chidinma is a singer, Song writer and also an ambassador for brands. Chidinma does not just have a petite size, she is extremely gorgeous. She has the most amazing and killer smile in the industry. She dances so well, which is a plus to her. She won the third season of Project fame west Africa and that was how she rose to stardom.



Niyola is a song writer and a romantic singer. She has the look of a goddess and somehow share striking resemblance with Ashanti. She is indeed amazing and attractive.

There are so many names not included on this list. As much as we want to include all their names, we are only limited to seven. No doubt ladies in the industry are extremely gorgeous and we are super proud to have them. Aside the fact that they are physically attractive, these ladies are beauties with brain.

Culled from Palmchat.



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