Chude Jideonwo Concludes #TheJoyTour in Cameroon

Chude Jideonwo, founder of the benefit company focused on building happier flourishing Africans, Joy, Inc. has concluded his two month #TheJoyTour with an edition of The Joy Masterclass hosted at the International Relations Institute, Yaounde, Cameroon.

During the two-month tour, which he kicked off in March with a lecture hosted by happiness professor Laurie Santos at Yale, Chude taught editions of The Joy Masterclass, met with practitioners, made case for happiness, flourishing and emotional well-being in Africa, and shared the Joy, Inc. story across 6 cities, including Connecticut, Chicago, New York, Cape Town, Buea and Yaounde.

The Cameroon edition of The Joy Tour, kicked off last Wednesday, with The Joy Masterclass Buea hosted at the University of Buea. The Joy Masterclass is an 8-hour session administered for individuals, teams and leaders that weaves the confluence of thinking and research about happiness, human flourishing and resilience – across psychology, economics, divinity and philosophy – into practical lessons, habits and tools that help participants transform their thinking, attitudes and actions.

The Joy Tour – Cameroon also included a visit to the Yaoundé Psychiatric hospital, meeting with neurologists and guest appearances on CRTV Mballa and Studio 106, National Radio Station.








About Joy, Inc.

Joy, Inc. is a benefit corporation based in Miami, Florida and Lagos, Nigeria – with profits invested in charities – that mainstreams the evidence and research on human flourishing (positive psychology) and the power of emotions to transform the culture and build a new generation of Africans focused on the greatest happiness for the greatest many. Joy, Inc. is equipping people, communities, organizations and nations with the tools, skills and behaviours to build resilience, transcend adversity, solve problems and find joy.

We are also focused on deploying the evidence to help change the global conversation about acceptable success metrics – in policy, business, economics, education, social movements and government.

Our mission rests on five broad assignments –

  • Help people live joyful, flourishing lives using the body of research on positive psychology
  • Help organisations build joyful, flourishing, high productivity work spaces and work forces using the body of research on positive organisations
  • Help schools and school systems adopt joyful, flourishing curricula that help nations build an other-centered generation using the body of research on positive education
  • Help social movements build joyful, sustainable interventions using the body of research on hope and cynicism, the power of non-violence, and the success of the M-Trifecta – Mandela (Nelson), Mohandas (Ghandi) and Martin (Luther-King)
  • Help nations build joyful, flourishing citizens and communities and creating spaces of vulnerability, compassion and altruism using the latest thinking on human-centered models of economic growth and participatory democracies.

About Red Media Africa

Red Media Africa is the PR & Empowerment Marketing division under the parent brand, RED.

It focuses on using inspiration, empowerment and action to help brands and organisations connect with their audiences, enhance their bottom-lines, and lead in their industries.

It has 6 major practice areas: Corporate Practice, Technology Practice, SME Practice, Governance Practice, Faith Practice and the International Practice – with work for brands across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa.

It has been recognised with multiple local and international awards including the Gold SABRE Awards for PR Campaigns and the Young Lions PR competition for the next generation of creatives.



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