Could This Be The Incentive Young people Have Been Waiting for To Get Into Politics?

This has been a question that has been mooted around for years now. Even at grassroot level, not enough young people have taken the initiatives and gotten involved in the decision making of our great nation. Many have proposed a number of reasons for this lack of interest in politics by young people and while a lot of them stem from a lack of faith in the system, it appears the core reason for this indifference towards Nigerian politics might just be because Nigerian politics is interesting to the average youth.

Now this doesn’t mean Nigerian politics does not come with its fair share of antics and drama but it just isn’t the bread and butter of pop culture like music, social media and technology are.

All this may be about to change with the launch of Election Padi, a new chat bot designed and developed to engage with young Nigerians on the election and electoral process. The bot will respond to enquiries relating to the forthcoming election with Knowledgeable comments which are also fun and witty.

The initiative was borne out of the OneWildcard agency, and is part of their quest to make topics that were previously considered boring, more appealing to a younger audience.

Maybe, just maybe this will be the beginning of similar initiatives which will make young people more interested in politics and our electoral process. You can check out election padi at



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