Redefining Medical Service Delivery with EMR / HMIS

Hospitals with EMR system has proven to be ahead of its counterpart in many areas ranging from services delivery to cost control and proper record documentation which are key areas in the health sector that experiences backlogs. Choosing a hospital that electronically digitalizes some of its service rendered will tend to speed up processes and maximize both cost and time for both patients and personnel alike.

Hospitals with EMR in place tend to offer better management of patients. With EMR, the medical personnel is able to assess the patients’ health in the least time possible without failing to see or overlook some symptoms, EMR help medical personnel access patients’ medical history, laboratory results in lesser time, EMR are capable of creating new treatment option based on records and more lives are saved. Top hospitals in the United State like Mayo clinic, John Hopkins hospital, Cleveland clinic etc., use EMR / HMIS solutions like Cantata, CoCentrix, CGI and lots more to stay on top.

Normally, we visit lot of healthcare providers based on the type of ailment at hand. EMR’s help in maintaining patient’s record and it makes it readily available, Patients don’t have to go through their medical history in case of an emergency because everything is readily available and accessible to the medical personnel in charge.

Sometimes, due to loss of patients file or records; patients are often misdiagnosed and treated wrongly, patients are treated according to present situation without reference to the past occurrences which can be injurious to the health of the patient. With EMR on board, patients data are well secured and readily available and patients are rightly treated.

Moreover, EMR system is known to be cost efficient, patients that visit different doctors on numerous occasion have higher tendency to spend more with the paper chart system, this new system (EMR) will eradicate the use of paper, all lab results, scanning results will be digital and will be available to any doctor anywhere. The sharing of test result will be cost efficient and beneficial to patient. This is only possible with Electronic Medical Record system.

At times, a medical personnel have to request for result of patients from previous doctor and from patients. And patients don’t give complete information about what’s happening to them, they only give information on what they think is happening to them and treating them on this circumstance might lead to misdiagnosing and mistreatment, this is a major problem, with EMR system such as Platinumemr, Kareo, Genesys and lots more issues like this can’t happen and there is more positive health outcome as doctors are able to send and receive data of patients and able to disseminate the required treatment thereby saving time and life.

EMR system contains patients’ full medical history and it is transferrable between health personnel and it has proven to be cost effective, record maintenance, yielded more positive health outcomes etc. It is therefore necessary for hospitals to adopt EMR system and for patients to patronize hospital with Electronic medical record system.



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