Child Kidnapped in Benue and Sold in Abia for N500k has been Rescued

A child who was kidnapped has been rescued after full investigation.

Bemdoo Ajekwe, 2, was kidnapped on October 10, 2018, at North Bank, Makurdi, in Benue state.

The investigation prompted the capture of suspects Joy Onyeabor, 32, and Lucy Doosur, 29. Both purportedly admitted that the kid was with his older brother, who is around 7 years of age, when they baited the older brother with the total of N50, requesting that he enable them to purchase bread along the street, leaving the younger one in their custody.

As the older brother went on the errand, they got away with the child and took him a few states away to Abia.

They expressed that the kid was sold to one Unwa Chibueze and Elizabeth whose surname is obscure at the expense of Five Hundred Thousand Naira.


Other culprits were detained after further investigation, namely; Sunday Udoh, 26, and Friday Orinya, 33, all of North Bank, Makurdi who effectively took an interest in the wrongdoing.

Police stretched out the investigation to Abia state and recuperated the youngster on October 23, 2018. He was then rejoined with his family while investigation proceeds with a view to capturing other escaping individuals from the syndicate.



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