Linus Idahosa – Biography

Full name: Linus Idahosa

Place of Birth: Edo State, Nigeria

Date of Birth:

Marriage Status: Married to Stephanie Okereke


Languages: English


Occupation: International media consultant




Linus Idahosa is an international media consultant with global repute, a CNN accredited agent in Nigeria. He has offered consultancy services to some of Nigeria’s biggest blue chip companies and Federal Government agencies, helping to raise their visibility on various international platforms. He is the founder, CEO and the brain behind a revolutionary company that seeks to reposition Nigeria’s film industry; Del-York International, a full service media consultancy and sole representative of the most prestigious filmmaking academy in the world; The New York Film Academy (NYFA) in Nigeria. Del-York International has a comprehensive approach to the advocacy for African film and culture, particularly mindful that media and cinema are as much platforms for socio-economic and cultural exchange as they are educational gateways.

The goal is to use Nigeria’s (and Africa’s) film industry to promote and increase the knowledge and understanding of our arts, literature and culture, and to develop a wider non-African audience for our cinema, whilst expanding the opportunities for hands-on training and film distribution internationally. The New York Film Academy has just made its first entry to Africa thanks to Del-York that flew in 60 tutors from the Los Angeles and New York campuses of the academy; training over 650 aspiring and professional filmmakers in Abuja and Lagos of Nigeria respectively. Del-York has also just begun a campaign geared towards the restive youths of the troubled Niger Delta region, a rare campaign that seeks to exchange the shooting skills of ex-militants for shooting with cameras. Encouraging them to tell their stories with cameras rather than guns. Del-York has also just launched a new media distribution model, the first of its kind on the Continent of Africa called D-Box; a revolutionary technology and that seeks to address the hydra headed monster called piracy in Nigeria.

Linus Idahosa is now building bridges across the United States poised to build a State of the art Production facility in Nigeria to create films that hold fast to an ideological principle that at its core inspires people to think outside the box as well as challenge conventional thinking.



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21 Responses to "Linus Idahosa – Biography"

  1. Tochukwu says:


  2. osereme says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! What a world, to think we were all in uniben together. Happy Happy Happy Married life. Congratulations!!!!!!

  3. Nwaogwugwu Onyinyechi says:

    Go stephanie!.. Wishing U all D Hapines in d world and also a Divorce-free marriage.

  4. Ayodele Emmanuel says:


  5. Amen Okoeguale says:

    Happy birthday to u dynamic of God.& many God in his mercy continue to enlarge your coast & cause u to flourish in season & out of season & excel far about all your equre.

  6. Jeremiah Ugochukwu Esinwoke says:

    Happy birthday UNCLE.

  7. Kelvin Francis says:

    Prestigious Wedding Pictures Steph.

  8. Chukwu chinenye says:

    God pls bless me de way u bless orders

  9. Chukwu chinenye says:

    God pls bless me de way u bless orders,remeber me

  10. Chukwu chinenye says:

    God bless me

  11. Ogah raphael says:

    Wow, what an innovation! Keep on the marvelous work sir. You have been a huge encourage to some of us, the youth know that we can achieve our dream, if we are determination. Thank you sir.

  12. Doris says:

    U knw wat,,,,,,,,,,,linus its a born again,,,,,holyspirit filled

  13. Chigozie Joseph says:

    Is he related to the late Bishop Idahosa

  14. linet ayuma says:

    It is good for one 2o help realize the gift they have within them before they become misplaced priorities. Thankyou sir Linus Idahosa for this great thought since I know many youth en yet the unborn wil enterpreneure on their talents hence making the world a better place. You are an inspiration to me & I wil follow your steps. Am talented in singing en I do hosting & Mceeing because talking is part of me. Ave just completed my highlschool last year and praying for the best in life. I will now be following your steps from your website. Thankyou for I am inspired.

  15. Oge says:

    Stephanie dear,do everything in ur power to make this marriage work,if not for any other reason but to put those who are expectn divorce news to shame.I know u can do it.its hard though but try.I will love to see both of u at the top.pray,tolerate,appreciate and 4give.


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