Susan Peters drops $2,500 Blackberry Porsche in water

Few months ago, Nollywood actress Susan Peters posted a picture of her recently acquired $2,500 Blackberry Porsche. This story sparked a lot of controversy between the actress and popular blogger, Linda Ikeji. Susan recently posted a picture of her Blackberry Porsche in water. We’re not sure if it survived but if it didn’t RIP Susan’s BB Porsche


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4 Responses to "Susan Peters drops $2,500 Blackberry Porsche in water"

  1. Ochulor OchuSomtin April Emmanuel says:

    Susan peters,may d soul of ur bb rip…..

  2. Adegbite Theophilus says:

    Some get money to buy bye porsche some no get to buy common pure water she has drop d phone in water.

  3. Onyeka Ofiaeli Albert says:

    It suppose to be water proof


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