Benue’s first lady distributes N1.5million customized perfume to celebrate her 45th birthday

The first lady of Benue state, Mrs. Yemisi Suswam, last Wednesday, marked her 45th birthday by distributing customized perfumes, which are rumored to have cost around N1.5million to rural women in the state. Mrs Suswam hosted a grand party that took place earlier on that day in different parts of the state before setting out to distribute her branded ‘Yemsus 45′ perfumes to the women, who can barely afford three square meals a day.

A social critic in the state, Mike Atime said “It’s totally wrong for the governor’s wife to use public funds for such senseless display of wealth. The first lady’s advisers have failed her. We must all  condemn this.” Benue is one of the poorest states in Nigeria in terms of physical and human development. The Bureau of statistics rank Benue as the 8th poorest state in Nigeria, with some of the highest unemployment rates.




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One Response to "Benue’s first lady distributes N1.5million customized perfume to celebrate her 45th birthday"

  1. Pst Shamange says:

    HBD mama,more yrs of God’s presence and Glory,i believ our first Lady is on salary and she worth hundred time more than the little token in question out side public funds,please lets stop critics and face reality.God bles you,remain rapturable!


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