Zen Exclusive with the amazing Nunu Wako – Host of the Nunu Wako Show

She is a young, beautiful and ambitious lady who has everything going for her. Winner of Nautica Jeans & Vibe Magazine National U.S. Model Search in 2005 and also the host of her very own talk show ‘The NuNU Wako Show’, Nunu sits with Zen to discuss what inspired her to start her own talk show, her memorable moments from being an international model & why she got involved in the Ivorian Hope Organization.

At what point in your career did you decide you needed to have your own talk show

“I always knew that I wanted to be able to address a large body of audience; I just never knew on what platform or avenue. I did commercials and movie trailers as I wanted to pursue acting {I still do}. But, the opportunity to host my own show kind of fell on my laps when I kept meeting and was being introduced to the CEO of EBS TV Global at various networking events and through mutual friends. It is after meeting him for the third time that I decided to set a meeting with him to learn more about EBS and see what Opportunities could be available for me to work with his network. After leaving the meeting, I recall it vividly because my sister was with me and she said, ‘NuNu this is the platform that you always envisioned as a child.” I knew right then that I would be a fool not to jump on that opportunity to create my own talk show with full creative control. Luckily, this platform also happens to be an international platform and NuNu Wako Show was Born.”

What is the main Focus of the Show to us viewers?

“The main Objective of the Show is to inter-connect the global community through multifaceted conversions that candidly engage the audience while entertaining and disseminating vital information on various topics from politics, culture, entertainment & the arts, and philanthropy, Although it’s on an Ethiopian network, NuNu Wako Show exposes its audience to influential, inspirational and successful individuals from all walks of life with a focus on Africans and the global community. Nothing is off topic on NuNu Wako Show and Africa is at the centre of it. By default, we not only connect with Africans, Africans in the Diaspora but humans due to the fact that it is distributed on the largest telecommunication provider -Arab Sat. Hopefully on day, I will take the NuNu Wako Show on the tour of Africa and the world. My ultimate mission is to tell the story of Africans from Africa.”

Speaking as someone who has achieved a lot in modelling, what would you say is your most memorable moment as a model?

“My memories of modelling are so many. As a model, you get to meet so many people and have access to things that most people ordinarily would never get. I’ll have to say the opportunity to travel and meet so may amazing peole whom are until this day very close friends and mentors – that would be the most rewarding and memorable aspect of it.”

Is the life of a model very demanding?

“Absolutely. Contrary to popular beliefs, modelling is a Job! It requires one to be immensely savvy, independent and strong willed as well as a motivational public speaker. You are a walking product, brand and advertisement, hence you must be able to sell whatever at a snap of a finger just like a salesman. Being beautiful is the least required quality of being a model; having the brain, dependability and punctuality are equally essential. Modelling is a regular job with no set hours, you are always on call and on the go similar to being a doctor without the surgery aspect of it.”

Aside from modelling, we know you are heavily involved in the Ivorian Hope Organization; what inspired yu to get involved in this charity?

“Ivorian Hope charity is second nature in my life. What inspired me to get involved is the fact that it is a student operated charity that is changing the lives of hundreds of people on village at a time in was torn Côte d’Ivoire “That resonated deeply with me”. The work that they do on the grounds of Côte d’Ivoire is impeccable. Seeing young Diaspora of all nations aggressively involved in restoring and aiding the development of their prospective countries is truly inspirational and it is a humbling opportunity to be involved in their progress and growth. I encourage the readers to learn more about Ivorian Hope Charity at www.ivorianhope.org

What next for ‘Nu’Nu?

“I am a doer, hence I don’t speak before I act on the work I planned. All Thanks to God, I have a lot of opportunities that have presented themselves and a lot of things in the works. So, maybe months from now we may have to touch basis again to discuss what I’ve been doinig {laughing}. One thing I can and will tell you is that my annual event – Speak Africa! Shoe Drive is going to e working with an organization in Ethiopia indefinitely in the fight against Podoconiosis. It is a disease that can be prevented and wiped off the face of the Earth hence, I have pledged to be a part of that fight and journey. I highly encourage everyone to get familiar with Podoconiosis and visit my site {www.nunuwako.com} to donate funds to aid the research and effort to eradicate this disease. Thank you so very much for this opportunity to connect with Africans and non-Africans globally. I am humbled!!”

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