Rita Dominic – Biography

Full Name: Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Waturuocha

Stage Name: Rita Dominic

Place of origin:  Aborh Mbaise Local Government Area in Imo State, Nigeria

Parents: Her father was a medical doctor and her mother, a nursing officer

Date of Birth: 12th of July, 1975

Marriage Status: Single


Education: Rita completed her primary and secondary education in Abia State and also graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Port Harcourt , Rivers State

Languages: English


Occupation: Actor,

Awards:Most Outstanding Actress, City People Awards, 2004


Biography: Rita hails from a royal family; the last child in a family of four. This beautiful light skinned screen goddess started performing since her childhood in school plays and children television shows in Imo State. She starred in her first movie titled ‘A Time To Kill’ in 1998.



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49 Responses to "Rita Dominic – Biography"

  1. Francis Joseph says:

    She is a role model,i fans her because her doings,nature,beauty and her roles in a play, infant i love everything about and i know one day i shall meet with her

    • menge vera says:

      oh i love you you are hot

      • menge vera says:

        This is my music; you are the queen of my heart and i love you so much the die of beauti you claden my heart every were you go i will find you my love our dreams are one our future is one goodbye my friend this is my story i love music so please sent me one of your song please. Keep up to your movies, and i love you.

  2. decca says:

    u re too great

  3. ifeoma says:

    mom u don old ooooooooo

  4. Queenelbert Tom says:

    You re my best actress, your out fit, and the way you speaks makes you the best, keep it up. Love you!

  5. Nengi David says:

    She is my best.

  6. rebecca o says:

    she is good but it been long we see u in movie

  7. Joan says:

    I just love u so much Rita, i every movie yo in. i love working class lady, total control, mistakes in marriage. Love u. Joan Uganda.

  8. Alale Adelanke racheal says:

    Y ave u stop acting?

  9. Joe Diego Single says:

    u rock ritaaaaaaa!

  10. Joe Diego Single says:

    u rock ritaaaaaaa!

  11. blessing awa says:

    i lv rita so mch shz 1 of my favorite actress…..shz so beautiful nd shz rily gud in ha proffesion…..nd i pray sh suld c de man dat wil take gud care of ha.i lv u rita

  12. anayo ogbodo says:

    Among my favourite actress, may God deliver you

  13. David Wall says:

    I think u are the best

  14. peter says:

    Hello dear, i would like to meet with you if you do not mind 4 important talk

  15. sparklingdmd says:

    good actress rita dominic

  16. Ogbe Matthew says:

    Honestly speakin i really love evry things abt u,,,,keep it on baby u g@t ma words….luv u.

  17. jobs says:

    best dress in nollyhood

  18. Peter Ochieng says:

    just wanted to say hi i come from kenya how do i get incontact with you?

  19. clinton1 says:

    keep on booming rita me also

  20. Agboma Onyebuchi says:


  21. Augustine magdalene says:

    I love u so much.u ar d best actress in nollywood.please,i’ld like us to be frnds on facebook,pl’s snd me a frnd request

  22. Tonnyfresh says:

    Love u sister,u are the best actress wish I ever had in ma life,love u so mush.Gudwork

  23. Collins Wills says:

    I love ❤ her acting in a movie

  24. Kenned says:

    “see through” and could not stop lanuihgg when she was describing what “indecent dressing” was. Apart from the fact that her statements were pure comedy, I was disgusted by the man that phoned in from Lagos to say how he would not be able “control himself” etc, the most annoying part was he kept lanuihgg when the Dr and even the moderator pointed out to him that that was his problem. That man’s attitude I think, shows what the real problem is. He spoke with great vigour about how a woman should be dressed properly but “laughed” at the fact that he could not control himself. Why is everybody being so non chalant about that fact?However, the most annoying part of the debate, was that she kept saying how “there was no law to punish rapists” and therefore, it is better to tackle the problem of indecent dressing so that when women are raped, they would not have to deal with the fact that the rapists will go free???????????????????? Does that argument seem logical to anybody? If there is no law to punish rapists, shouldn’t that be something to work on? I did not understand any of her arguments, she would have been better off coming from a religious stand point, because every single argument she had, did not make any sense.Well, now that I have heard her “live and direct”, I am even more convinced that she is definitely not suitable for her present job. In fact, instead of trying to see reason with such a human being, it is better she is removed from such a position. I am continously baffled by our choice of representatives in that country. It is a mystery, a shame, a disgrace.

  25. menge vera says:

    you pray that you get marriage on 1st february 2013 because this is your year shine i love you so much.

    And i thank God for great thing you have done

  26. Tharig says:

    What a Tosser.Jeremy, back to important dissosciun jare. Are you going to post the pictures of the Abuja Carnival that won’t pass certain Criteria of Public Decency? You really need to ehm… drive your point home mate.

  27. menge vera says:

    please tell that your mate tell them oge Jim Ike Desmond ellot


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