Nigerian Model Rotimi Akinosho Covers BE Magazine’s Boss Issue

BE Entertained Magazine is BOSSing Up with the release of their Issue XXXIX which features triple threat, model/actor/singer Rotimi as our cover artist. Rotimi was recently named as the 2012 face of Akoo Clothing (Rapper TI’s clothing line), has shared the stage with major artists like Jennifer Hudson & Jaime Foxx, and showcased just how much of a BOSS he really is in Starz’s show “Boss” with veteran actor Kelsey Grammer. Rotimi isn’t being shy about his rise to the top in his candid cover story interview, where he took time out to discuss each one of his talents.

Rotimi on Singing:

“I’ve been performing since I was about 6 years old. I’ve performed on the same stage as Jennifer Hudson, TI, NERD, Jaime Foxx (who is a big mentor of mine both singing and acting), Estelle…along with putting out 2 mixtapes that have done extremely well virally. I’ve had video played on VH1, VH1 Soul, MTV, as well as played all over Africa…I really try not to limit myself musically.”

Rotimi on Acting:

“I’ve been acting for a year now, so I’m really learning as I go, but BEing around people like Kelsey Grammer, Mario Van Peebles, Sanaa Lathan, and now TI, it forces you to learn, like a crash course on the go.”

Rotimi on Modeling for Akoo:

“Working with Akoo just made sense. It was the perfect fit & at this point in my career, Akoo just the name itself means A King Of Oneself, and when TI explained that to me, I was like I’m in…”

Issue XXXIX also has features on Khloe & Lamar Show’s Sweetheart Malika Haqq, Super Producer Rico Love, a BE Spotlight on HAUTE Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose, along with a the exquisite fashion that BE-Style brings each issue.

Check out BE Magazine’s BOSS Issue XXXIX when it hits the world wide web this Sunday, May 13th via

BOSS Season 2 airs August 17th on STARZ Network.

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